A diverse group of people wearing multicolored clothing.
A diverse group of people wearing multicolored clothing.
Being an ally is so 2020! Go one step further by being an upstander.

You’re probably inundating yourself with New Year’s resolutions right about now. Here are some easy goals that you can achieve as a champion for your LGBTQ+ colleagues in 2021.

It’s no longer enough to say you are an ally or supporter of the LGBTQ+ community without bolstering all its members, especially those who face marginalization. The following are only a handful of the umpteen ways you can do your part to celebrate your queer colleagues, advocate for every member of the community, and amplify voices this year and beyond.

1. Display your pronouns whenever and wherever you can

An excellent and painless way for organizations to acquaint employees with…

Sometimes, Siri can’t even…

What formal semantics tells us

There’s an unwavering discourse phenomenon in applied linguistics that always zips right over my head: “donkey sentences.” Essentially, these are expressions containing pronouns that exist outside the antecedent of a conditional statement, despite the fact that they covary with other quantifying constituents inside.

Doesn’t ring a bell? Here’s a basic example:

(1) Every artist who paints a picture frames it.

The statement above features the personal pronoun “it” whose meaning and antecedent (“paints a picture”) are evident to you and me, but to those who study sentence structure…not so much, as…

9–5 desk job? Check! Jet-setting lifestyle? Check! Night owl? Check, check, check!

As a natural bodybuilder and consultant, I am often asked how I balance my strict diet and taxing gym routine alongside a busy workweek and personal obligations. In the age of COVID, this has become even more challenging for competitive athletes — from serving as the sole caregiver at home to losing proper access to fitness centers. Work can supplement a robust bodybuilding lifestyle for certain professionals, yielding significant growth and major strength milestones. …

Zac Gipson

Former 400-pound natural bodybuilding athlete who talks nonstop about voice user interface (VUI), intermittent fasting, and queer stuff

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